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In order to provide you with complete peace of mind, we have chosen CIC as its banking partner and its secure CM-CIC payment online payment solution, which meets the latest and most demanding security standards:


Since October 2008, a new security standard has been operational in France. It aims to authenticate the holder of a bank card during a payment by internet. This standard is declined under the name "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode" for Mastercard.

Its principle is based on the verification of information known only by the holder of the bank card, such as the 4-digit code (sent by email or SMS depending on what has been agreed between the card holder and his bank) .

This information will be requested by the bank during transactions on the web.


  • The number of the bank card is entered on a secure page hosted by the bank, so it is not known to the merchant.
  • => before finalizing the payment, you receive an sms from your bank which provides you with a confidential code to enter to validate the transaction.
  • Information is encrypted (SSL technology)
  • The card number is never printed entirely on payment invoices.

paypal Linandelle


Why choose Paypal?


It's safe

  • Paypal encrypts and secures your bank data and never communicates it to the recipient of your payments.

It's quick and easy

  • No need to enter your card number with each purchase: an email and a password are enough. Your transactions are instant.

It's international

  • Your Paypal account allows you to pay in over 190 countries around the world.

It's free

  • The use of Paypal is free for all your purchases in euros in the European Union.