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Linandelle offers a range of quilts depending on the season and especially your needs!

Opt for a warm duvet for winter with the Olympe duvet, a temperate duvet for the 4 seasons with the Caresse duvet and for the 4 seasons, discover the Epeda down.

All-season duvets

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CARESSE warm quilt 375gr / m2
4 seasons synthetic duvet
Starting from 67.57 
You save: 11.93  (15%)
Couette EPEDA douce aloe Enregistrer 15%
Starting from 228.65 
You save: 40.35  (15%)
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Synthetic winter duvet 550gr OLYMPE
Cheap winter duvet 550gr cheap
Starting from 33.91 
You save: 5.99  (15%)
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Starting from 29.66 
You save: 5.24  (15%)
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Starting from 92.65 
You save: 16.35  (15%)