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CSR at Linandelle

by scolard ludovic

In a restrictive economic and environmental context, Linandelle focuses on its CSR approach.

  • The concerns that companies have faced in recent years have led us to focus on the most important thing in our business: the well-being of our employees and the quality of our products.

What is the CSR approach?

CSR is the corporate social responsibility, which therefore brings together the social and ethical issues of its activity. The CSR approach encompasses the overall quality of the supply chains, subcontracting, employee well-being, the company's ecological footprint, etc.

Linandelle therefore takes care of the various issues concerning her activity. CSR is a voluntary process, in line with the values that the company wants to transmit. Linandelle promotes the development of its employees and the production of articles in line with the environmental context.

Linandelle has therefore been a French brand for almost 40 years, manufacturing its products in France and Portugal. We hold several “OEKO TEX” mentions, ensuring products manufactured under sanitary rules. The products manufactured are adapted to the demands of our customers, with short chain manufacturing, without intermediaries. On the other hand, Linandelle has chosen to have quite a few references, but stored in large quantities in Charleval, where everything is shipped from there. Shipping times are therefore very short and the carbon footprint reduced.

In our human-sized company (less than 10 people), everyone is involved in important and strategic decisions, thus promoting the well-being of employees. Each month, factories are visited, in France and Portugal, to ensure that our quality charter is respected.

Today, faced with the coronavirus, the company has organized itself to minimize the risks and continue to satisfy you: We agreed, and one person, volunteer, living 500m from the headquarters, instead of 3 to 4 usually goes there alone to prepare your orders. To protect us but also protect you, the rest of the site is closed, like the public store or the compatibility service.

  • Thank you again for your trust, for your loyalty, and for allowing an SME to continue its activity today, but especially in the difficult weeks and months to come.

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