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Cheap washable fabric masks and mask kits

by scolard ludovic

After the actions implemented between Linandelle and the municipality of Charleval to help the most exposed people, it was time to be able to offer complete kits so that everyone could make masks themselves, at a lower cost.

It's now done. You can get on the site these mask kits or simply the elastics often difficult to find.

  • The kits are designed to make 30 triple-layer masks , for a total amount of € 20 including tax , i.e. € 0.66 per mask in fabric washable 20 times.
At the time of this article, a choice of 4 fabrics 100% cotton woven dyed with patterns (Jacquard) are offered. We specify this because it is not a question of printed fabrics, whose reasons would be more fragile. But in a few days, new fabrics in stock at the 100% plain linen store will complete the offer. You should know that a mask should not be used for more than 4 hours during the day, before being changed, i.e. two masks per day and per person. This kit therefore covers the needs of a family of 4 people for 4 days, without washing.

These masks are made of 100% white percale cotton 200 threads / cm2, double layer. The tighter the fabrics, the more effective the filter effect. These masks are therefore also an optimized barrier against the Covid 19.

A video tutorial is also shared on the production of masks, available in this section or on our Youtube page

cheap mask kit to make yourself