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by scolard ludovic

Regularly find information on the life of the company, concerning investments, news, or specific events. With the Covid19 context, several news are published to inform you of our actions to adapt and help the town of Charleval. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Où sont fabriqués nos produits?

by scolard ludovic
  • 100% des articles disponibles sur le site Linandelle sont fabriqués en Françe ou au Portugal.

Le lieu de fabrication est souvent sujet à polémique, à controverse, voir à mensonges.

En effet, plusieurs astuces sont souvent utilisées par les marques afin de contourner la réelle origine de fabrication. Ce n'est pas notre cas.

L'Adn de Linandelle, situé au bord de la rivière normande l'Andelle, c'est historiquement le Lin (Lin-Andelle).

La Normandie regroupe à elle seule près de 50% de la production mondiale de lin de qualité, Linandelle a toujours fabriqué des toiles de lin, jusque dans les années 90. Ensuite, pour des raisons économique, de viabilité, la culture de lin a continué localement, pour être tissé en toile au Portugal, aux normes Européennes.

C'est à ce moment que le réseau de confiance s'est engagé auprès de tisseurs Portuguais sérieux, que nous visitons tous les mois.

Petit à petit d'autres gammes de produits ont été amenés à être fabriqués chez eux, en linge de lit, telles que les toiles de coton percale pour toute notre gamme désirée, ou les toiles de jersey extensible. Les serviettes éponges Celestes ou Douceur sont aussi fabriquées au Portugal, faute d'usine en France.

Toutes ces gammes sont fabriquées sous notre contrôle, et bénéficient toutes du label Européen Oeko Tex, garantissant l'absence de substance nocive dans le process de fabrication.


Néanmoins, une partie des produits sont toujours fabriquées en france, de A à Z, tels que les peignoirs disponibles jusqu'au 10XL, en nid d'abeille ou coton éponge, tél que les références KIM, KIMONO, PREMIUM.

Les tissus sont fabriqués en France, et la confection commence après votre commande en Lorraine, pour une expédition sous 3/4 jours.

Cela concerne aussi tout le linge en nid d'abeille : gants de toilette, serviette, draps de bain




What will happen in the coming weeks at Linandelle?

by scolard ludovic

Partnerships with influencers / new seasonal products / men's and women's interior clothing / and private sales from June 15. Here is a summary of the news for June 2020

The period of confinement was intense in activity, thanks to you who are faithful, despite the closure of the physical store, but who follow us on the website. This period also allowed us to set up several actions in anticipation of the recovery.

She will give you her point of view on her selection of products, especially on trips.

You can also see us through the eye of Stephanie COLSON, on her Instagram page Like a French Girl

We are happy to collaborate with them, and we hope that you too can follow us on their accounts before the end of June. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think!

  • New seasonal products are in production, to enhance your summer vacation, and should also arrive this month. But we are also planning several ranges of interior clothing, for men, women and children, with an emphasis on nightwear. We are also very impatient to receive them, and to know your impressions!

  • Finally, June 15 marks the start of private sales! For all subscribers, regulars, only on the website.

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Cheap washable fabric masks and mask kits

by STOIAN Camelia

After the actions implemented between Linandelle and the municipality of Charleval to help the most exposed people, it was time to be able to offer complete kits so that everyone could make masks themselves, at a lower cost.

It's now done. You can get on the site these mask kits or simply the elastics often difficult to find.

  • The kits are designed to make 30 triple-layer masks , for a total amount of € 20 including tax , i.e. € 0.66 per mask in fabric washable 20 times.
At the time of this article, a choice of 4 fabrics 100% cotton woven dyed with patterns (Jacquard) are offered. We specify this because it is not a question of printed fabrics, whose reasons would be more fragile. But in a few days, new fabrics in stock at the 100% plain linen store will complete the offer. You should know that a mask should not be used for more than 4 hours during the day, before being changed, i.e. two masks per day and per person. This kit therefore covers the needs of a family of 4 people for 4 days, without washing.

These masks are made of 100% white percale cotton 200 threads / cm2, double layer. The tighter the fabrics, the more effective the filter effect. These masks are therefore also an optimized barrier against the Covid 19.

A video tutorial is also shared on the production of masks, available in this section or on our Youtube page

cheap mask kit to make yourself

Masks begin to be distributed in Charleval

by scolard ludovic
Following the donation of fabrics for Covid19 masks to the town hall of Charleval ten days ago, the appeal to the voluntary dressmakers was heard. A big thank you to all of you!
Several hundred masks are already made, and distribution has started, primarily for people working in contact with the public, for the good of all.
This crisis spontaneously reveals all the humanity that surrounds us, so we decided to continue this momentum, and now, for each bathrobe ordered on the honeycomb site or Premium reference , a mask made by us will be slipped into the parcel.
These bathrobes are made in France. Made in Lorraine exactly, where our tailoring workshop is based.
Being "masters" from A to Z on the making of these references, made individually and custom-made when you place an order, it seemed logical to you to take advantage of our know-how to help you during this period.
We do not yet know how long we can give you our masks, but as long as it is possible.
Besides, don't hesitate to share your photos with the masks on your facebook or Instagram page, identifying us so that we will be alerted when you receive them!
Continue to manifest, to contact Linandelle or the Town Hall of Charleval, all sensitive souls are welcome!
Covid 19 Linandelle masks

Our contribution to fight Covid19

by scolard ludovic

Throughout France, with the Covid19 health crisis, we are seeing initiatives emerge in order to address the lack of equipment.

In our village of Charleval in Normandy, we have established a partnership with the Town Hall, by donating all of our unused premium fabrics to make masks. The Mayor even insisted on picking them up in person this morning. Nice moment of solidarity.

Our challenge is now to quickly find volunteers equipped to make masks, living in Charleval (27) or in neighboring municipalities.

These masks will be used primarily for personnel working in contact with the public, for the good and safety of all.

Certainly our region is relatively spared in view of the figures for the Grand-Est and the Paris region, but this may affect us a little later, and therefore longer than these regions which were very impacted from the start.

The marathon continues, until May 11 minimum, and we hope that solidarity initiatives, in compliance with safety rules, will succeed. If you have ideas or fabrics in perfect unused condition, do not hesitate to contact us or to contact the Town Hall (

This difficult period may last, even after this period of confinement, so we hope to find you at the store as soon as it reopens. This reopening will be announced here and on social networks. In the meantime, if you wish and can help us, a voucher solution will be offered on our Facebook page, which you can use as soon as it opens.

donation of fabric for covid19 masks handcrafted masks

CSR at Linandelle

by scolard ludovic

In a restrictive economic and environmental context, Linandelle focuses on its CSR approach.

  • The concerns that companies have faced in recent years have led us to focus on the most important thing in our business: the well-being of our employees and the quality of our products.

What is the CSR approach?

CSR is the corporate social responsibility, which therefore brings together the social and ethical issues of its activity. The CSR approach encompasses the overall quality of the supply chains, subcontracting, employee well-being, the company's ecological footprint, etc.

Linandelle therefore takes care of the various issues concerning her activity. CSR is a voluntary process, in line with the values that the company wants to transmit. Linandelle promotes the development of its employees and the production of articles in line with the environmental context.

Linandelle has therefore been a French brand for almost 40 years, manufacturing its products in France and Portugal. We hold several “OEKO TEX” mentions, ensuring products manufactured under sanitary rules. The products manufactured are adapted to the demands of our customers, with short chain manufacturing, without intermediaries. On the other hand, Linandelle has chosen to have quite a few references, but stored in large quantities in Charleval, where everything is shipped from there. Shipping times are therefore very short and the carbon footprint reduced.

In our human-sized company (less than 10 people), everyone is involved in important and strategic decisions, thus promoting the well-being of employees. Each month, factories are visited, in France and Portugal, to ensure that our quality charter is respected.

Today, faced with the coronavirus, the company has organized itself to minimize the risks and continue to satisfy you: We agreed, and one person, volunteer, living 500m from the headquarters, instead of 3 to 4 usually goes there alone to prepare your orders. To protect us but also protect you, the rest of the site is closed, like the public store or the compatibility service.

  • Thank you again for your trust, for your loyalty, and for allowing an SME to continue its activity today, but especially in the difficult weeks and months to come.

No psychosis in Linandelle

by scolard ludovic

China is the largest textile power in the world. Its capacity to produce in mass developed rapidly, at low cost, and opened up international markets to it. France is on the front line.

China textile export Coronavirus

But for a few days, the Chinese economy has been at a standstill, with all the questions that this generates on local supply.

Beyond the health concerns due to the Coronavirus, these are also the subjects related to our French economic independence or at least European. This does not mean being cut off from the outside world, but having healthier relationships, not being totally dependent. The subject of import quotas has been revived.

  • At Linandelle, we have bet on 100% European sourcing. So we do not depend on China, and the current problems related to this major health crisis.

Our linens come from the fields of Norman linen, our bathrobes are made and made in Lorraine, our sponges or fitted sheets are made in Portugal.

So do not give in to psychosis, and optimistic in nature, we all hope to come out of this period with more answers and more evidence than questions.

Example with the DOUCEUR range of bathroom linen

Eco responsible bathroom linensoft terry towel by linandelle

We believe in made in France, made in Europe, and in permanent collections that consume less energy than seasonal collections.

Find all of the offers on the Linandelle site, in stock all year round.

A clue can help you choose your textiles, in household linen as well as ready to wear.

Make sure of the mention "OekoTex". This standard already assures you that your items are healthy, without harmful chemicals. It also ensures that children are not exploited. It is therefore a good indicator of the quality of the finished product.

Back in photos on our last shoot

by scolard ludovic
linandelle linen tea towel Linandelle accompanies you here in your cooking, but the story begins in the Norman flax fields, did you know?
Normandy being the largest flax producing region in the world, we have been exploiting this local resource for 40 years.
You can discover them by clicking on the photo.
backstage shooting linandelle Poetry is everywhere when you want to see it. We saw it during our photo shoot, without looking for it, by placing a few objects on a coffee table.
A coffee cup, a bouquet of flowers, a book, a few delicacies, a linen towel with a local history.
We capture this moment that makes sense.
linandelle terry towel Taken in its tracks, Cassandra imagines a staging to immortalize Valentine's Day of February 14, 2020.
A few rose petals, candles, and a warm bath.
The Douceur bath towels then have their place near you, while waiting to wrap you.

valentine 2020 linandelle The Valentine's Day theme continues, with a breakfast in bed, as we like at home, simple gourmet and romantic.

This day gave us lots of ideas, and you ?!

Our linens are also offered by the meter, in small or large width, from 1 meter of fabric.

Thank you for following us, for your support, and for your suggestions!

SALE winter 2020, until February 4

by STOIAN Camelia

2020 household linen sales

  • Winter White has just started, it's the annual highlight for doing real business.

It is both an opportunity to renew your linens at low prices, or to take the opportunity to make people happy around you!

Did you know that sales are now reduced to 4 weeks? They therefore begin on January 8 and will end on February 4.

  • On this occasion, the whole site benefits from an immediate discount of 20% from 100 € of purchase. But that's not all, because you are delivered free of charge in Metropolitan France from 25 € of purchase, in colissimo or in parcel delivery.

If you are not yet a client of the Linandelle brand, whether you are an individual or a hosting professional, do not hesitate to take advantage of this strong moment to test our products and our services!

Just thank you all!

by STOIAN Camelia
Avis client Linandelle

A very nice article appears this morning, thanks to Trustpilot, but above all thanks to the notices that you publish regularly following the deliveries of your orders.

Thank you for sharing your impressions, both on services such as:

  • Pre-sale advice (tel at
  • The prices
  • The delivery time
  • The quality of the packaging

But also your opinions on the items ordered such as:

  • Match your expectations on format, colors
  • The quality of the materials, resistant
  • The beauty of the article
  • The quality of the finishes (solid seams, embroidery)

Thank you for continuing to promote a Norman brand that has existed for almost 40 years, which has opened up to you for a few years.

Article visible here: